Feature for feature, Kiefer Manufacturing trailers are dimensionally larger and measurably better. From stronger floors to bigger doors, from a leak-proof roof to a superior warranty, Kiefer Manufacturing is the new standard of excellence. See for yourself why people tell us we are better!

floors• 4″ beams with 3: support flanges
• 12″ on-center cross member
• Extruded .110″ structural decking
• Durable, non-skid 1/2″ kick mat
• Strongest floor in the industry
• Excellent structural rigidity
• Resist stress during transport


doors• Insulated – all aluminum
• 2 Automotive-type seals
• 44″ wide rear doors
• 2 overlapping latches
• Reinforced for structural integrity
• Lock out wind and weather
• Safer loading and unloading
• Rear door pulls




• Leak proof design
• Concise, inter-locking components
• Overlapping channels and gutters
• Smooth, weather resistant canopy
• Structural integrity seals out moisture